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Steel Structure Industry Has New Opportunities
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Steel Structure Industry Has New Opportunities

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Steel Structure Industry Has New Opportunities

"13th Five-Year Plan" issued by the State Council on "speed up the transformation of economic development mode of thinking and countermeasures research", said the implementation of the implementation of steel structure in the construction of the use of the next five years will vigorously promote the steel structure, which means that steel Structure will usher in new development opportunities. Steel structure business "thirteen five" development plan indicators are: 2021, the national steel structure than 2015 to double, reaching 80 million tons to 100 million tons, accounting for more than 10% of crude steel production comparison; steel structure entrance The amount of steel products from the front of the "Q345B + Q235B" mainly to the transition to the "Q345B + Q390B" mainly; steel structure Design, construction, testing and monitoring of key skills as a whole to reach the international level of the first calendar. The government began to promote steel structure in building steel structure, bridge steel structure, industrial steel structure, military steel structure. Regardless of the use of steel, or the implementation of national policy, in the next few years, steel structure will usher in a rare new opportunity for development.

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